Silent Hill is a town riddled with mystery and darkness. Early Native Americans conducted mysterious and religious rituals here. The land was valued as a sacred place to the Natives. They revered the town as “The Place of the Silent Spirits”. The land was known as a holy place and seemed to possess a mysterious power. The Natives were forced the leave the land after Settlers came from Europe in the mid 1600s

In 1692, Jennifer Carrol, founder of The Order, was burned at the stake for witchcraft by The Brethren. Soon after in the early 1700s, a mysterious epidemic broke out and the town was abandoned. In 1730 a group of settlers cross Toluca Lake to the abandoned town of Silent Hill. Around 1810, the town is resettled as a penal colony. Silent Hill Prison and Brookhaven Hospital are constructed. Brookhaven Hospital was built in response to a great plague that followed a wave of immigration to this area. It was originally little more than a shack, but it gradually grew. It was at this time that the town was given the name “Silent Hill”.

In the early 1900s, Toluca Prison closes and Silent Hill becomes a tourist area. 1
By this time, the religious group known as the Order has been formed in the town. At first, the citizens oppose them, but they gradually gain more influence as more members join, until they begin to infiltrate Silent Hill’s public institutions and gain more influence and strength. According to local legend, miners discover mysterious symbols carved into the walls of a limestone grotto in the Superstition Caverns, leading to wild speculation about witchcraft and the occult. Soon after, a series of unfortunate accidents and reports of mysterious creatures force the Gillespie Coal & Iron Company to suspend mining operations along this seam.

In 1939, strange events at Toluca Lake occur. After Wiltse Coal Mine closes and Silent Hill becomes a sightseeing area, a succession of boating accidents occur. This leaves Silent Hill with a poor reputation for sightseeing.

In 1963, The mayor of Silent Hill dies suddenly and, one after the other, the staff at a development group for the town die accidental deaths.

Allessa Gillespie, daughter of Order member Dahlia Gillespie is born in 1969 and burned alive for witchcraft in 1976. It is then that she splits her soul into two parts, the pure and innocent part going to a young child named Cheryl Mason and the vengeful part creating the twisted Otherworld in which to punish the town who burned her alive and those that did nothing to stop it.

In 1991 at 24, Walter Sullivan (A young boy corrupted by the teachings of the Order) murders 10 people in 10 days and removes each of their hearts. The 10 Hearts are Jimmy Stone, Bobby Randolph, Sein Martin, Steve Garland, Rick Albert, George Rosten, Billy Locane, Miriam Locane, William Gregory and Eric Walsh. This becomes known as the Walter Sullivan Case. Police arrested Walter Sullivan, who committed suicide in prison with a soup spoon, by severing his neck’s carotid artery. Joseph Schreiber suspected this Walter Sullivan was not the real Walter.

Soon thereafter, South Ashfield Heights tenants (including Frank Sunderland and Richard Braintree) notice Walter Sullivan in the apartment building with a heavy tool, white oil, a bowl and a bag with blood.

Walter Sullivan performs the Ritual of the Holy Assumption by crucifying himself in the back of Room 302, and in doing so, he creates his “own Otherworld” (called discerned, blasphemous and a “sub-Otherworld” by the Order) and becomes Victim 11: “Assumption”.

Ten years after the death of Dahlia Gillespie, the Order remained fairly inactive until it was revived by Vincent Smith. To this day, the town remains a ghost town, abandoned in due to the actions of the Brethren and its mysterious history. Despite its abandoned state, there are still those drawn to the curious town by some means or another.


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